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A new Pack of Wonder bundle is revealed each day on the Hongmoon Store until December 24!

The 12 Days of Wonder are here, and a new Pack of Wonder will be revealed each day on the Hongmoon Store! The first pack (available now) offers 20 Dragon Trade Pouches and 8 Snowflake Crystals for 400 NCoin.

Each day until December 24 a new Pack of Wonder will become available and contain some amount of Snowflake Crystals for the Winter Festivities events, as well as a unique item/s—at a variable NCoin cost. These can be things like consumables, crafting materials, or character services, and each pack either contains something we’ve never offered on the store before, or something at a deep discount.

It’s a surprise every day, and so you’ll want to check back as new Packs of Wonder are unlocked! If you’re not able to log in each day during the event we’ll be announcing each day’s revealed pack on our @BladeandSoul Twitter and Blade & Soul Facebook pages, so be sure to follow them if you’re not already, and get ready for some daily surprises!


Each of the 12 Packs of Wonder are available from the day they unlock, until 10am PST on December 30. Due to the items offered in the packs, and the discounted sale price, each Pack of Wonder can only be purchased once per account.

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