A Week That’s Short But Sweet – Friday, September 8, 2017 on sgamet


Even though it was a short week for us here following the three-day weekend, the team has managed to churn through a sizable chunk of work! Last weekend, Mark and Andrew had the opportunity to attend Dragon Con. They demonstrated to attendees the progress we’ve made over the year since the last Dragon Con, and demoed a large-scale battle (attempted on the infamous Hotel Internet during the con, no less)! If you’ve been following our updates, you’ll already be familiar with these accomplishments. One of our biggest hurdles going into this project was always going to be 500-player battles. From the beginning, some said it couldn’t be done, and perhaps still do so now. The presentation of not 500, but over 2000 ARCs (Autonomous Remote Clients is now the official name) running around and using abilities with VFX was met with applause, and understandably, disbelief. That reaction fills me with pride. I’m thankful to be working with such talented and dedicated folks.

While this one feature sets our engine apart from all others, it is still only one stone among many that will lay the foundation of Camelot Unchained. I can repeat with confidence that it only gets better from here, not only with ongoing or future performance enhancements, but also the upcoming additional gameplay systems in progress.

For this week’s highlights, lets take a look at all the work accomplished in spite of the short week!

Top Tenish:

  1. WIP – Tech – Progression: Christina has made good progress this week, completing the first-pass of the game’s progression loop. This includes tracking events, processing a game “day,” and rewarding the player for their accomplishments. An example of this would be leveling up one of your components after a long day of “Hunt the mean, nasty, fur-wearing Vikings!” The latest change also includes some API server queries for reading all the progression data. Matt is continuing to assist in building this feature by updating the ability system to support skill part leveling.
  2. WIP – Tech – Beta 1 Siege Battles: Caleb is working with Ben and Mark to plan out the different potential iterations we can roll out for testing. We need to account for gameplay, but also for a lot of ancillary systems which will be covered in an upcoming “Beta 1 doc” chapter. As this work is extensive, the goal, as with all of our gameplay systems, is to get something up and running as soon as possible for Beta 1 to begin testing it.
  3. WIP – Tech – Client Stability: We’ve been tackling client instability issues related to our all-powerful, brilliant, and demanding threading library. This week, we committed a quick fix to move forward with testing, but that band-aid needs to be ripped off and a proper fix applied. George is now starting the deep dive into fixing it the right way. It’s a bigger time investment, but a much easier to maintain solution in the future. And given that our threading library, and the power it gives us, is one of the many things that separates our engine from others in the industry, you want us to fix this sooner, rather than later. FYI, this fix is not a refactor, nor will it impact the announcement of the starting date for Beta 1.
  4. WIP – Tech – Emotes: With the vast majority of major animation tech in place, we’re going to get more engineers working in the animation system to share knowledge across coasts. First up, Brad (a.k.a. “The Sacrificial Programmer!”

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