sgamet – Automaton Games Plans a 1,000-Player Tactical Shooter

After a sizeable investment of $10M and a partnership with Improbable’s SpatialOS, plans for a new Automaton Games project have been revealed. Those plans involve a tactical shooter MMO with a shared world of 1,000 strong along with a massive 400-player battle royale mode.

sgamet - Automaton Games Plans a 1,000-Player Tactical Shooter

For those who are unfamiliar with the studio, Automaton Games is a UK-based company responsible for the multiplayer FPS Deceit, which pits five players together in a team but empowers a third of the team with the ability to change into a “terror form” when they’re in total darkness. Players are forced to work together to survive while also trying to determine who among them is Infected, as the Innocent players need to escape while the Infected players must manipulate events to stop them.

Today’s game announcement ramps up the player size significantly thanks to SpatialOS’ shared server technology. The untitled new MMO will feature a 12km x 12km map that can handle 1,000 players at once in what is described as a “global-scale player-driven narrative”. The immense world populations capable with SpatialOS will also let the new MMO offer a battle royale PvP mode that can support as many as 400 players at once.

The game’s world will be built on CryEngine, so features such as destructible environments, foliage displacement, tracks, and blood trails can be used in gameplay, though how those features can be applied were not elaborated on.

More details are expected to come later, but for the time being this new in-development MMO is eyeing a release for sometime in 2018.

Our Thoughts

While a lot of these features certainly sound intriguing, we don’t have a lot of firm information to rely on just yet, so we’ll delay any real reaction until we learn more. That said, a 2018 release date does sound staggeringly optimistic considering the sort of game Automaton is creating here.

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