Closers Online: Guide for New Players on sgamet

Closers Online: Guide for New Players on sgamet

This guide is meant to help you on your journey on Closers; or, at least, make you get the very basic jist of the game, without really having to learn a whole different language. Trust me, if people from all over the world that doesn’t know Korean in the slightest can guide themselves through the game, you can, too.

Yes, I do realize that this guide may get a little wordy. I’ve prepared few things so you don’t get bored of reading, but it might sound long anyway. But I really do strongly recommend reading through all of it, or at least read through Section 5 before properly playing the game.

Let’s get started.

1. Character Creation

Once you first get into the game, the first thing you will see is the Channel Selection. As there are only one server present in the game, there is no need for you to be concerned about not being able to meet other guys if you create the character in wrong server.

The channels are divided into each areas, and if you play the area at the designated channel, you will get bonus EXP. Keep this in mind as you play the game.

However, Just choosing the top two channels on page 2~10 would be good enough. Don’t choose any of the channels on the first page if you don’t want massive lag.

Closers Online: Guide for New Players on sgamet

If you first enter the Character Select Screen, you’ll see no characters… Unlike this picture here.

In order to create the character that you want to play, you will have to click on one of the empty tabs on the right.

Closers Online: Guide for New Players on sgamet

Skills and combos

Tutorial will basically take you on how to attack, jump, etc. The only real commands that are available are:

X= Jump
Z= Attack

2. Basic UI

When you first get to town, you will be confused for a little bit. So allow me to describe some of the UI for you.

When you open your inventory, you will see that most of the spaces are locked out with tabs. When you have enough gold, you will be able to click on these tabs and unlock them. Always keep a generous amount of inventory space as possible, which will be discussed a bit later.

In town, you will see NPCs that will have exclamation mark or question marks on them. Exclamation mark means that the NPC has a quest for you- while Question mark means that you have a completed quest that you can turn in.

Each of these quests are color coded:

Yellow – Main(Story) quests
Green- Side quests
Blue – Repeatable quests
Purple – Job Promotion quests

Story quests are mandatory, as you need to complete the story to move onto the next area. However, since side quests give decent rewards with them, I’d recommend taking every single quests as it becomes available. After each dungeon run, turn in all your quests and make sure to check every corner for new quests. 

Repeatable quests can be left once they become available. Keep in mind that repeatable quests are first available as side quests then turn into side quests after having completed them once. Since these quests hardly give any good rewards, they can be ignored besides the ones in Epilogue Area or Plane Gate. 

Job Promotion quests should be taken in as soon as possible when they are ready. As these job promotions will grant you bonus stats and skills, it is necessary to complete them. 

Inventory & Storage Expansion

Whenever you run a dungeon, or complete a quest, you gain items. When you first open your inventory with “I” , you will see that two rows of inventory that is already unlocked, and rest of the rows are locked out. You will be able to unlock these locked inventory tabs with rather cheap amount of credits, so I recommend opening them as soon as possible.

There is also a Storage that your characters can access- which you can access by talking to Trainer(Drone) with Wolfdogs, or Song Euni (Police Officer Woman) with Black Lambs. The left tab is your personal bank, which can also be expanded with in-game credits. The right side is your account bank, which can be expanded with Cash and this shares space between all the characters you have.

Often when you are crafting/dismantling or receiving quest rewards, sometimes you won’t be able to due to your inventory lacking space. Therefore, I always recommend keeping your inventory decently clean. As for what to do with the items, that will be discussed in the bottom section.

3. Skills

When you open your skills with with “K”, you will see your skills. As you level up, you will be able to put more points into your skills using SP. SPs are gained after leveling up, and they are also given as a reward from quests.

Skill Level

Unlike many other games, you can adjust your skill level using in-game money in Closers.

4. Costumes

Once you start completing the very first quests, you will receive a consumable box that gives you a set of costume for your character. Equip it, as it will look a lot better than the default jersey you are wearing!

In this game, the costumes are separated into three grades: 1star, 2star, and 3star. It can be upgraded through other means, but I will discuss that later. For now, just know that these exist and use your basic costumes for now.

Do note that your costume has no impact on how much damage you deal in the beginning. Although some costume options exist later in the game that do affect your damage, it is still minimal compared to how much all your other equipment does. Just keep that in mind.

5. General Items Crafting and Dismantling

If you played Elsword before, you are probably very used to overflow of gears that you get from playing dungeons. Since these gears are almost useless and dismantling them at early levels don’t give anything important, all you can do is simply sell them at vendors. Correct?

Well, let me tell you a thing about Closers. It’s that you should… 

Yes, all the gears that you do not use, you should dismantle all of them.

Thing is, all items of all level give the same material when dismantled, and you’ll need a lot of them in a point later on. So it’s better to just dismantle them so you don’t really run out of these specific materials when you are crafting.

Besides, gears never sell for that much anyway. Dismantling them is more worth it.

To dismantle, you need to click S while talking to this machine thing:

It will give you a pyramid shaped menu where you can put in gears to dismantle.

Do keep in mind, as I said before, that you will need 5 spaces in your material category before you can dismantle anything. 

Crafting…Well, to be quite honest, there won’t be any real needs for crafting until you get to Epilogue Area. However, it CAN be done through pressing A on the very same machine. Here you can craft event items, gears, etc.

While you progress on throughout the game, there will be one quest that require you to craft this one weapon and dismantle it. No, you won’t be using it later on. Just progress on with the quest and craft and dismantle as the guide’s told you about.


Although you probably would’ve got the hang of it in the tutorial, let me explain.

(Provide UI with text) 

As for how to progress on with gears, you will receive quest rewards that help gear you up from time to time. Pick any weapon core of your liking (it won’t really matter until endgame anyway)
and choose modules that display the color of your character’s type of damage. Physical will show in red, magical will show in blue, and hybrid will have both red and blue.

Just use the random shields and modules they give you for a quest if they have higher damage value, and then continue until Epilogue Area, which is the area right after Area 4. From here, its probably better to get down and serious. Although you should technically watch out for set shields from Area 1, and 2 that you get for a reward and could technically craft the Area 3 set, it isn’t really necessary. However, if you really do want to craft these, just ask around in our chat.

Selling items

Occasionally you’ll get items in the consumable category that sell for very expensive prices. For example, if the thing that you are looking at sells for 10k or more credits(it can be checked by the lower right corner when looking at an item)then it’s safe to assume that it is something that can be sold to vendors. 

I wouldn’t really consider selling anything else. Potions should be just stacking up in your inventory uselessly, so just sell them away if you find yourself not using them. Potions upgrade by levels and plenty of them are given through quests anyway, so you shouldn’t lose too hard if you sell them.

On the material tabs, though, you will occasionally find area specific drops that are colored white. If they are colored white, its safe to sell them. Although you do need some of them for a quest there, you only need 5 each. If you’ve completed that quest and don’t plan on doing the repeatable quest that follows afterwards, there are no real needs of keeping the white-colored item in the materials category.

And keep in mind with what I said about the gears!

6. Enhancing and Tuning

Now, like crafting, these aren’t really necessary until you reach end-game, either. However, it is better to keep knowledge of what it is, right?

Enhancing and Tuning can be both done by the machine that looks like this:


Where pressing A does enhancing, and S does tuning. 

With enhancing, you can put in the gear that you want to enhance, and then use the “fuels” that are on the right. These fuels are naturally earned as drops from dungeons. 

There are yellow, green, red, and purple fuels. Yellow fuels should be used until the item reaches +4, green until +7, and red preferably until +9. You can use the later steps of fuel early on for higher success rate, but I don’t really recommend it. 

Purple fuel has 100% chance of success until +10. Therefore, it should technically be saved until +9 for safe enhancing to +10. Afterwards, it provides the most success rate out of all fuels.

There are specific fuels that you can browse through, such as +0~+5, and +0~+8. These fuels that have numbers on their icons set the item in any numbers between those numbers, making it an easy upgrade if you get lucky.

Again, all you’ll probably need is having your current weapon to around +7 or so to be good, but farther than that is not really necessary until late-game.

Tuning is another thing that you can use to power up yourself. Every gear item has slots of options that boost a specific part in your stats, and by tuning you can change what each of these slots enhance.

When you are in the tuning section, put in item of your choosing. If you decide to tune all options at once, it won’t cost anything but credits. However, if you want to separate out which slots you want to change, it will require a “Tuning Component” that looks like this that befits your item level.

For now, just ignore that this exists until Epilogue Area. Then you can ask people on which stats are which, or just look at this and kind of figure out what stat that your tunes are currently on:

7. Doppelganger Inhibition Missions

Periodically, you will get this menu on the top that might bother you. What is this?

This is called the Doppelganger Inhibition Mission, and these are available at the even numbered hour. So at 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 AM/PM, these missions will pop up and will become available from entering.

Unlike normal dungeons, these dungeons do not require stamina to enter. And the dungeon that you play change each day, and it also gives different rewards for each day. Some of these rewards are cash related things, and it’s generally recommended to run all possible runs until you reach the entry limit.

You could do solo play in these missions, but it’s recommended to do party runs as that has more rewards with more bosses.

Source: ClosersHq


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