sgamet – Dauntless Welcomes Players To The City Of Ramsgate

sgamet - Dauntless Welcomes Players To The City Of Ramsgate

The upcoming aRPG Dauntless is excited to welcome players to the game’s newly revealed city of Ramsgate. Described as a somewhat cold and desolate place, “Ramsgate is [Dauntless’s] furthest settlement and best endeavor to make a beachhead into behemoth territory”.

The world of Dauntless is untamed, uncharted, and unforgiving. Many enterprising explorers set out to find new land for settlement, only to meet their end in the clutches of a behemoth. It’s no wonder very few islands have given rise to larger settlements. Enter Ramsgate: The edge of the frontier, and tip of the spear in the battle against the behemoth threat. It is here that Slayers forge their legends.

Ramsgate is the frontline defense against the dangers of the wild. Players will be able to access important resources and artisans in town, allowing adventurers to secure essential armour, weapon and arcane upgrades for battle. Ramsgate’s very own stylist Gregario Flynt will also be at your service with Dauntless’s extensive customization system, equipping users with “dyes and cosmetic options to help you stand out, whether you’re walking through the streets of the city or locked in battle”.

The three major factions of the game have also settled into the battleworn front of Ramsgate— the Stormchasers, the Orrery, and the Crimson Blades. By gaining favour with these select companies, players will be able to unlock rewards that can help turn the tide of battle.

Dauntless is currently accepting alpha test sign-ups, but those who are eager to join the fight against the behemoths will be happy to know that Founder’s packs are now available.

Everyone in Ramsgate has lost someone to the behemoth menace, and now they have come together in Ramsgate to make a difference. It will take the combined might of many brave slayers to preserve humanity and ensure our future in the Shattered Isles. Will you answer the call?


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