Foreigners Can Now Play Granblue Fantasy Easier on sgamet

Cygames just made Granblue Fantasy a bit more accessible to Foreigners by launching a new beta site found at Granblue Fantasy Game which only works for Chrome and selected browsers. New Players can then select a language they want, save the changes, and start a new game or continue their current one. If they end up enjoying the game, I suggest downloading the older Granblue Fantasy Chrome App to launch the game directly from your desktop.

People have been asking me about my current light pool and often ask me if they need Gacha weapons to be strong in this game. I’m not lucky enough to get Lucifer from Gacha, so I’m using all boss drop Summon Chevalier Magna and Weapons. There are probably better ways to optimize my build, but I’m too lazy to read the essays available for this game. Yes, all the guides in this game are two-three pages long!

My Current Light Weapon Pool – No Gacha Weapons!
3 Chevalier Gun Magna – SLvL 15 and Level 150. (Boss Drop)
2 Chevalier Gun Magna – SLvL 10 and Level 100 (Boss Drop)
1 Chevalier Sword Magna – SLvL 15 and Level 100 (Boss Drop)
1 Guild War Gun – SLvL 10 and Level 100 (Change Color Step) (Crafted)
1 Cross Bow Gun – SLvL 10 and Level 100 (Event Boss Drop)
1 Cosmos Gun – SLvl M and Level 100 (Boss Drop or Crafted)
1 Baha Dagger – SLvL 10 and Level 100 (Crafted) (I need Baha HL GUN)

Game Site: Link

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