Friends, Realm-mates, Countrymen – Friday, September 22, 2017 –


This week, we have a special update for the Beta 1 document, so special that we decided to take extra time to release it! Chapter 15 contains ideas and inspiration born of our years of game experience and development, gestating since our Kickstarter. Mark provided the original vision for these systems, and JB stepped in to lead the design effort, with help from Ben and others. We believe you will find these grouping and social systems as interesting and exciting as we do. We’re looking to facilitate everything from solo play to the coordinated mass attacks that will make Camelot Unchained a truly magnificent experience for all play-styles.

One of the most important parts of any MMO are the social aspects. We’re taking great care with this part of Camelot Unchained: It’s vital that we stay true to our old-school beliefs, yet also look for new ways to improve player experiences with grouping systems. We believe our approach will be one of the most useful and deepest systems of its kind, and we enthusiastically invite you to take a deep dive into our design, with this week’s Beta 1 Doc update, “Social Systems and Grouping!”


Special thanks to our translators for working twice as fast on a text that was 2.5 times as long as our usual Beta 1 doc updates! You folks are truly amazing.

During today’s livestream, JB and Mark both sat in for a lengthy Q&A with our audience, to answer questions about this update. There were a lot of great questions, and it was quite lively! There was even an amazing gift-opening afterward! You can watch the stream HERE.

Monday, Massively Overpowered will have a special interview with Mark, answering a plethora of questions from them! Keep an eye out for that, and in the meantime, head over to their site and check out their excellent coverage in the MMO space.

Last week, we had a hearty–dare I say robust–Top Tenish. We continue that trend this week, with a whopping seventeen items! It might be our longest so far!

Top Tenish:

  1. WIP – Tech – Siege Battles: We’ve said we’re focused on a “sprint” right now, in order to deliver on the early version of full siege battles. This focus is a culmination of the team’s hard work on our engine’s ability to handle a scale of battles unheard-of in modern MMOs. We’re currently working on turning engine tech testing into testing the tech with some fun gameplay. We’re being purposefully coy at this point, and will reveal more as we get further along in Alpha.
  2. WIP – Tech – NPCs: Colin has been wrapping up the first-pass functionality to get NPCs to have behaviors, specifically to locate an empty siege engine and begin using it to fire at players. What could we possibly use this tech for?

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