GW2 Wintersday 2016 Coverage Guide on sgamet

A guide to all the Wintersday 2016 activities and new items.


  • 1 Gemstore/Cosmetics 2016
  • 2 Activities and Achievements

Gemstore/Cosmetics 2016

Weapon Skins/Items

  • Frostforged Weapon Skins Gallery
  • Upcoming items (Outfits, Pets, Weapon Skins)

Winter’s Heart Infusion (Rare drop from Wintersday Gifts)

Infinirarium Glider (Uncommon drop from BLC Chests)

Activities and Achievements

These activities and achievements are same as the 2014/2015 version.

Non-Wintersday Content

  • Open Letters Current Events
  • Frozen Cats


  • Winter’s Presence Shoulders
  • Donation Drive Daily achievement guide
  • A Merry Wintersday Achievements guide
  • New Skritt Minis and Foostivoo recipe
  • Wintersday Collections

Time-gated Story

  • Warming Grawnk’s Heart


GW2 Wintersday 2016 Coverage Guide on sgamet

  • Winter Wonderland Jumping puzzle
  • Bell Choir
  • Snowball Mayhem
  • Toypocalypse

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