General : The Culling – In a Suprise Move, Early Access Begins on sgamet

Xaviant has surprised fans of The Culling with the announcement that Early Access for the survival of the fittest game has kicked off already, sooner than originally anticipated.

With only 20 minutes to craft weapons and hunt down the other contestants, The Culling is as tense a battle royale experience as can be. Prepare for skill-testing, slaughter-filled matches as players give it their all to survive. Sixteen enter, but only one can come out alive.

The Culling is available now on Steam Early Access. Contestants also have the ability to purchase The Culling in a convenient 2-pack available right now on Humble Bundle, allowing players to partner up at a discounted price!

Find out more by visiting the links above and, if you take part, leave us your impressions in the comments!

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