Mass Effect: Andromeda first gameplay video ever revealed at PS Meeting on sgamet

We waited a whole year for E3 2016 to show a Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer and we got nothing. Then we waited some more for gamescome 2016, and guess what happened? Nothing. Now, at PlayStation Meeting there it is: the very first Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay footage. The video was recorded on the newly revealed PlayStation 4 Pro, nicknamed Neo, in 4K resolution. In it we can see a fragment of the game, in which Ryder and his team are exploring an alien station (there are four of them in total), ending with a cut-scene. Without any further ado, here it is, enjoy!

In the video BioWare informs that a new trailer will be available on N7 day, that is November 7. On that date,

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