Rumble in the Realm II Finalists –

Over 200 participants have been whittled down to the top four in each region.

Over 200 participant signups, thousands of viewers, and two intense tournaments later, we now have the Rumble in the Realm II North America and Europe finalists! The top four players in each region will compete to determine the Rumble in the Realm II regional champions!

Legion – Europe Finalists

Broadcast begins at 10am PST / 6pm UTC, December 15 at

  • Chloroform
  • Ryuki
  • Symex
  • Naegi

Watch the Legion Qualifiers VOD

See the Full Qualifier Results Bracket


Imperial – North America Finalists

Broadcast begins at 4pm PST, December 15 / 12am UTC, December 16 at

  • Yisuni
  • Fated
  • omanko
  • JheneAikoGurl

Watch the Imperial Qualifiers VOD

See the Full Qualifier Results Bracket


Livestream & Casters

The semifinals and Grand Finals will be broadcast on the official Blade & Soul Twitch channel at, as well as in-game through Blade & Soul TV. Each of the regional tournaments are at different times (see above for details), but both will be cast by three exceptional Blade & Soul tournament experts.


Alex (nickname Bruenj or Brünj) has helped produce and cast a number of community-run tournaments from Legion, ESL, Imperial, and eSports Wall. His quick play-by-play commentary style helps hype up and highlight the great players competing in the western scene.


Gummy is a well-known community figure and streamer for competitive Blade & Soul. When he’s not casting he can most commonly be found streaming his Blade Master.


A passionate fulltime gamer and streamer, Phix has a lot of patience and an easygoing attitude. You can expect to see him bringing his consistent and funny personality to some exceptional matchups this week.

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