sgamet – Survival Pioneer DayZ Is Headed Towards Beta

sgamet - Survival Pioneer DayZ Is Headed Towards BetaRemember that Arma 2 mod-turned-standalone game called DayZ? Well, after what seemed like ages in Alpha, the game that started the whole post-apocalyptic survival craze looks like it’s finally working it’s way towards Beta testing. The DayZ team released a Status Report earlier this week saying that they now have the ability to speed up the game’s development.

“The last two weeks had us focused on different issues in the base and core features of DayZ. As previously mentioned, these are tackled through smaller scrum teams that are dedicated to these topics. Currently, we are running ranged combat team with focus on weapons and another one focused on melee combat. More are expected to be set up from vehicles to Central Economy or the infected. These should enable much faster iteration that can deliver on their goals as the technology requires less changes under the hood.

This means that we are no longer tied to larger technology changes and can focus on the stuff that’s important to us and players alike: things that tackle immediate concerns that have troubled the game for a very long time. The approach we chose is based around priorities that carry through to other features, so we spend less time going back and redoing stuff over and over.”

The September Status Report also talks about the upcoming 0.63 build. Patch 0.63 will introduce significant changes to the game including new keybindings for firearms, the removal of naked eye zoom to encourage closer firefights, and character rotation tweaks to prevent “zig-zagging.”

The team also shared 16 minutes of Build 0.63 gameplay footage that they used for their Gamescom Demo last August. You can check that out right after the jump.

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