sgamet – THE SOLUTION TO 15


Last night, the sky was set ablaze by greenish fire as a meteor arced downward from the heaves and plowed unceremoniously into the area of Greenguard known as Barrow Drop. 

Cysero, who had been tracking the spaceborn anomaly, was first on the scene hoping to find some new materials unknown to Lore upon which to perform his mystical experimentation. But what he found…


Barrow Drop has just been released. You can get there from the Barrow Point dungeon entrances off of Greenguard or /join barrowdrop and face the deadly Acevorah!

Long ago, in Legends of Lore: AQ3D, we ran a contest for players to design a monster that would show up in game. Granted, this is completely new game but we are honoring old promises and introducing the contest winner, the Acevorah, in its own single player mini-area. 

This mini-area features two modes:

* Normal Mode: Level 8 area with a short storyline, a couple of repeatable quests, a couple of craftable weapons and one drop from the Acevorah. 

*Hard Mode: Level 13+ area with one repeatable quest, a couple of craftable Acevorah themed helms and one drop off the Acevorah. NOTE: You must complete the Normal Mode to access the Hard Mode. 

NOTE: Both version of the Acevorah have a 10 minute respawn. 


As detailed in YESTERDAY’S DESIGN NOTES, we have removed the large XP gap between level 14 and 15. 

If you had already crossed that amazing gap and reached level 15, you have been awarded a character page badge in the Special Section and been awarded the Wrap of Determination, a rare cloak that will never be released again. 

If you had not yet reached 15 but had earned enough XP to hit the new 15 once the the levels had been normalized, you will also find the Wrap of Determination in your inventory as a thank you for testing and to represent the effort you had put toward crossing that massive XP gap. 


Mogloween has been extended until the 22nd of November so you still have time to farm for the Season Rares, but the Spectral South Wing has been level locked to 12+ heroes. 

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