sgamet – The International 6 prize pool reaches $10 million Dollars

The last 24 hours registered close to a one million dollar spike in this year’s International prize pool, courtesy of The Collector’s Cache release.

Last year, the $10,000,000 milestone was reached 29 days after the release of the Compendium, and it seems that the new Battle Pass format is already working its magic on the community, with the prize pool at that same level just 19 days after the launch date. The TI 6 prize pool increase had a slow growth in the last week, below $150,000 per day, but once the Collector’s Cache was released it jumped with $837,617 within 24 hours.

This year’s edition of the exclusive treasure for Battle Pass owners brings the first ever item sets for Zeus, Shadow Fiend, Tinker, Undying, Bane, Arc Warden and Winter Wyvern, most of them being community creations that made their way into the 2016 Collector’s Cache based on the votes in the Steam Workshop. The treasure contains 14 hero sets and two couriers, from which the “Takobi and Tenneko” one has an ultra rare drop chance and it’s the only marketable item. The Collector’s Cache chest is sold at $1.99 with 25.0% of each sale going to The International 6 prize pool.

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