sgamet – The Revenant Officially Arrives to Skyforge

What’s big, grumpy, powered by dark energies, and likes swinging a big-ass axe around? The newly released Skyforge Revenant class! Lord Spookychop (feel free to name your character that if you want) is now officially live in the action MMO as of today.

sgamet - The Revenant Officially Arrives to Skyforge

The Revenant class is a powerhouse of a choice with several abilities that take some wind-up time but unload devastation on foes. Each swing from the Revenant’s basic attacks build in power with every successful hit to a maximum of 300%. In addition, they have skills such as Decimate; an AoE that deals more damage the more targets it hits, and Dark Rush; a skill that lets them cast forth a projection of themselves and teleport to that location with an attack to all nearby enemies.

As always, the Revenant update for Skyforge is a completely free content release and is now live on PC and PlayStation 4. You can take a look at the Revenant in action in the trailer below.

Our Thoughts

As with many of the classes in Skyforge, the Revenant carries a great deal of style and a hefty sense of impact. We hope that players are looking forward to unlocking this new addition and seeing how it performs on the battlefields of Aelion.

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