sgamet | The Roster Carousel: How Heroes eSports is slimming down for summer

So1dier, Srey, and Erho are the first free agents of the Summer. Who’s next?

As teams prepare for the Summer season, it’s not surprising to see roster changes being made in an effort to reorganize and refocus for the best chances of future success. These are the confirmed changes we know of so far.

Hot on the heels of the departure of Josh “So1dier” Miller, Quinn “Srey” Fischer has just announced he is leaving Tempo Storm and is now a free agent. Srey replaced Wade “Dreadnaught” Penfold as the shot caller when he retired shortly after Blizzcon 2015 and filled the Warrior position for the team. Tempo Storm needs some decisive victories in the coming weeks or risk falling from relevancy in the NA region.

After a disappointing showing at the Spring Global Championship in Korea, Team Naventic is experiencing their first ever roster change with the departure of Aaron “Erho” Kappes, who filled in at the Warrior position. With Team Blaze’s recent victories and impressive performances, Naventic will need a solid replacement (among other things) for Erho to remain #2 in NA and improve its ability to compete at the higher level.

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