The road to redemption ends: Team Redemption disbands –

Formed after the collapse of Arrow Gaming eighteen months ago, the story of the team of players who were caught intentionally throwing has come to an end.

One of the last remnants of the SEA 322 fiasco from eighteen months or so ago, Team Redemption has ended their journey after Kok ‘ddz’ Yi Liong and Kelvin ‘MaTteRu’ Chong were picked up by Power Gaming. This prompted a decision to retire from Wan ‘Lance’ Fua Hsien and Siang ‘xiangzai’ Chiok Soon, and at the time of that decision Team Redemption did not have a fifth player as their captain, Goh ‘MoZuN’ Choo Jian, left the team two months prior.

Team Redemption was formed by the five players involved in the Arrow Gaming 322 scandal and aimed to earn forgiveness by staying in the professional Dota scene despite receiving life time bans from Valve and falling out of many tournament organizer’s favor. This action was intended to show the player’s love for the game, as opposed to their love of the money they could make from the game.

Statement from Team Redemption on Facebook:

Team Redemption has been playing together for nearly 2 years now, but all good things must come to an end. Power Gaming has picked up ddz and MtR, and we do not want to hold back any of our friends. Hence, the team will no longer be playing together, with Lance and XiangZaii probably retiring from the competitive scene as well.

They are playing together under Power Gaming in the AGES Malaysian Qualifiers now.

The team that the two players from Redemption will be joining is a Malaysian outfit with decent results and having a tendency to make deep runs in open qualifiers. As for the organization they will be under, articles from the 2010 period indicate that Power Gaming used to host multiple top teams in various FPS games before undergoing structural changes in 2011; this included dropping most of their eSports teams and picking up “academy level” teams. 

By picking up the two players from Team Redemption who were involved in the SEA 322 fiasco, Power Gaming indirectly forfeits their rights to all Valve events as both ddz and MaTteRu have received life time bans from Valve.

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Headline image from Team Redemption’s Facebook

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