sgamet | The second Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare beta drops the pre-order requirement for PS4 players

Remember that thing about needing to pre-order Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare to access the Beta? Well, you can forget that now. Activision announced today, via Twitter that the second Beta, which begins on October 21st at 10 AM PST and ends on October 24th, will be open to all PS4 players. Sadly, the same does not hold true for players with an Xbox One. But at least you're better off than PC players, who have no Beta at all.

Here's the Tweet:

While we aren't entirely convinced about Infinite Warfare's chances, there is still plenty of time for the game to change our minds. Hopefully, with this second Beta weekend, developer Infinity Ward will gain some valuable feedback for the game's future.

Source: [Twitter via Gamespot]

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