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War Thunder is adding the first new playable nation since the MMO’s launch in its next major update: Italy. War Thunder update 1.69, also known as “Regia Aeronautica”, is offering up several new aerial combat options from Italy’s military history and removing Italian hardware from the German tree.

War Thunder Update 1.69 Adding Italy as a Playable Nation - sgamet.com

“Regia Aeronautica” brings Italy’s rich history of its air force to War Thunder, considered to be one of the most versatile aerial forces on the battlefield in the 1930s. This flexibility made the hardware’s inclusion a natural fit according to War Thunder producer Vyacheslav Bulannikov. “Our players can look forward to several aircraft that are among the best of those fielded by the Axis forces, with some even superior to any Allied model of the time,” said Bulannikov in a statement.

Those aircraft include biplanes from the 1930s all the way up to post-WWII jet aircraft, such as the Fiat CR.32 biplane and the SM.79 Sparviero three-engine bomber. In total, the update will add several dozen new airplanes to War Thunder.

While the update will focus on aircraft, Bulannikov states that more forces will be added to the Italian nation later. Additionally, the team is working on creating units for the introduction of yet another nation to War Thunder, though specifics of what nation that is have yet to be revealed.

More information about update 1.69 can be found on the War Thunder website.

Our Thoughts

With so many planes in the Italian arsenal throughout history, perhaps it was only a matter of time before the nation was introduced as its own playable tree. We’re sure both history buffs and fans of War Thunder alike are looking forward to the introduction of the new vehicles!

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