A Big Event of Path of Exile for the Legacy Challenge League

This week was a great week to be an Exile with the launch of Content Update 2.6.0 and the Legacy Challenge League. Add in new Divination cards, new ways to filter information, new Threshold jewels, buffs to unique items.

The Launch of Legacy Challenge Leagues 2.6.0

Content Update 2.6.0 and the Legacy Challenge Leagues launched! Team announces that this was one of their best launches to date. Everything went relatively smoothly and once again reached a record number of players online at once!

For those who don’t already know, Legacy Leagues give players a number of ways to challenge themselves and their chosen path through the game that can yield some amazing rewards including weapon effects, footprints, totems and much more for completing a certain number. In this case, 2.6.0 brought forty challenges to players with rewards offered for finishing 12, 24 and 36 challenges. In addition, starting with the nineteenth challenge and ever third challenge after that, the totem you’ve earned can be updated with a new Legacy Totem Pole decoration. It’s perfect for that unadorned corner of your hideout!

Get a look at the challenges offered on the PoE site as well as the rewards by checking out the video below.

For those who love the minutiae of patch notes, GG posted the full review of new additions and improvements successfully launched with 2.6.0. You can learn more information about Legacy Leagues, and major balance updates in a number of areas including abilities, map mods, threshold jewels, passives, weapon and several others.

Solo Self-Found Mode

  • Solo Self-Found (SSF) is common self-enforced playstyle where trading and partying are not allowed. This means that your character’s progress is entirely based on your own efforts and cannot be influenced by other players.
  • In Content Update 2.6.0, there are SSF versions of the existing leagues, where you can create characters by ticking a checkbox on the character creation screen.
  • This mode is available once you have rescued the Scion on your account (which can be done in a previous league, so almost all existing players will already have fulfilled this).
  • While playing an SSF character, you can’t trade or party up with other players.
  • You’re able to convert your SSF characters into regular characters, moving them back to the equivalent non-SSF league. This is a one-way process and can be done by clicking the buttons to the left of the character on the character selection screen. One button moves just a single character, and the other one moves all your SSF characters in that league including your stashes, hideout, masters and Atlas progress.
  • Ladders on the website record what level you reached in SSF before moving back to the regular leagues. Characters that have moved back to the regular leagues are marked as “retired”.
  • SSF leagues share their global chat channels with their non-SSF equivalent. They have no access to trade chat channels.

If You’re a Bit Late to the Party

For those who may be a bit late to the party because of, you know, other things pulling at their time, there is a handy Item Filter and Passive Tree information page that provides the necessary list of filters that can sort out to prepare for Legacy Challenge Leagues. It really helps get you going on your way.

New Threshold Jewels + New & Improved Uniques

Path of Exile items received a number of new Threshold Jewels, each of which has been detailed in a number of images on the site. New Threshold Jewels include Frozen Trail, Fight for Survival, Wildfire, Omen in the Winds.

A number of currently existing Uniques have been buffed, and one new one has been added:

Existing Unique Items that have been buffed

  • The Gull
  • Three Uniques
  • Geofri’s Sanctuary
  • Three more uniques
  • Another three uniques
  • Carnage Heart

New Unique Item

    • Gruthkul’s Pelt

Other new things include four brand new Divination Cards, each of which was designed by the fans of the game. Atziri’s Arsenal, Might is Right, Struck by Lightning and The Opulent are the new cards. Check them out here.Last, But Not Least, the Classic Mystery Box

Last, but not least, the thematic nature of the Legacy Challenge League is celebrated with the new Classic Mystery Box that contains thirty-nine microtransactions that take their inspiration from microtransactions of the past. “Each box grants you one random Classic re-themed microtransaction, with value equal to at least that of the box (30 points). The possible outcomes from your mystery box range in value from 30 points all the way up to 450 points!”

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