Albion Online Beta Plans

Guests should:

  • Read the ‘About Us’ page (middle button near the top of this page).
  • If you’re in doubt about what’s expected of a ‘recruit’ please ask.  We give polite coaching if someone is straying across lines, but if you cross bigger lines you will be kicked. (Scamming, tarnishing our good name with horrific public posts that make us cringe or similar comments in local or global chat we won’t even bother with a warning – at the racist, homophobic, sexist level of stuff that would get you fired from work or removed from a professional sports team will get you removed immediately from the guild as well.)
  • Besides the above, have fun killing people in yellow, red and black zones!  Take their stuff.  Say ‘good fight’or whatever and have a laugh about it on teamspeak with your buddies!  We might even take a guild’s base only to ransom it back to them, who knows!
  • Looking to help?  The biggest help would be grouping up with people and facilitating more silver grinding fun, gathering some materials for our builders and just being positive and helpful in teamspeak while being cognizant of the fact that people will be tired and might need a break from questions from time to time (share teamspeak air time with others!).
  • Scheduled events (often listed in Teamspeak channel names) include silver grinding, organized red zone gathering, and light, mobile PVP roams. Everything that’s fun! Please come out and get to meet some new friends!

Mostly Harmless

  • We hope to be good hosts.  We have crafters and veteran members lined up to keep things organized.  We have people that will be grinding 1000’s of stone and wood (among other things) and doing their part to make our whole guild’s experience better (thank you Kodiak and SxSilver!).  If you have the time, please help them or other volunteers who are doing so much work for the guild as well.
  • We have a fairly flat leadership structure that trusts and supports each other.  At this level of community and camaraderie no one stands alone – whether you just need a forum bump to help recruit good people, or you need 50 more rough stone to help make a building, people chip in because we’re a team.  We also understand when real life gets in the way of our hobby as well.

Here are the recordings of the public portion of our pre-launch meeting.  Hope this helps get you ready to hop on teamspeak and join the guild when you first log into this closed beta:

PS – For now, I know most of us are going to spend time with our families this weekend before this fun begins. Smile

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