Albion Online – The Joys Of Full Loot PvP

so funny as i am Dworfz in game, i didnt realise you get a 40% buff if i attacked unflagged player, ohwell GG to ur 650hit with a T1 sword, ohwell im from the best guild in game and that 40% buff is the dumbest mechanic, ohwell grief is the strongest guild in game 😀 so gg bikeman, u had 2seconds of fame, now i have 4 weeks of fame, shit kid

0:00builds have captured things dress
0:03up has attacked hype
0:08see here he was nice now is not can hunt me down like a dog is me
0:12I’ve got nothing up
0:16but my love up no jump button

0:19run her oh yeah I don’t know right has going for it
0:24I’m gonna die soul bad if he comes at me the his name’s grief or is this guild is
0:29called reefer got sick oliver et al
0:32ago for you in a second was woohoo
0:36I ap F got a calf
0:40F me F
0:43half half F and
0:46food admitted and and and and and a nun
0:50that guy’s way to gear to kill me and two hits he’s already got fucking major
0:55powers I am so hopeful
0:57I rudner
1:01I was like I’m gonna go invisible oh that’s my other shirt
1:05and that no visible power right now running
1:09to stop together caught myself
1:13from Oceania Cup no cotton not this day
1:17up dupe
1:23but now Aug you can shoot for optical that’s no fair zeese
1:27cock smoker fine find compare
1:30a urine maize cloth other oh now you’re running hot guy come here
1:39let’s talk about sex baby all my got a major fucking mill checker
1:44you all o’clock he was a hot what what
1:48you wall like outlook
1:52all overstep I think I’ll just take everything you all
1:56now how’d that work out didn’t work out good because I don’t think it worked out
2:00good for you
2:01what though footbridge club users are squishy or too phat
2:05who would have fucking thought ok you
2:09fuck you and I did put a shirt on i really wanna put on his claw
2:13ever drop this here quick if I like talking with guild members like it will
2:18be a quick
2:18help were put on your cloth stuff right
2:22now mine jerk a queue
2:27I can’t believe that happened all his shit
2:30in the lower level 3 shit knighted him with us trash sword that have must be
2:36meh taken anyway it got crazy tear to fuckin gathering stuff
2:41is here can broken sure
2:45at the salon alright
2:49and believe in yourself the power of music
2:52by alright
2:55I think I’ll use my horse now
2:59wrong with this will conclude that I’ve taken out of the PvP area

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