ArcheAge: Revelation (Update 3.0) Announces Western Release Date

ArcheAge: Revelation, aka ArcheAge 3.0 will reach on the western servers next month on December 10. The forthcoming update introduces in highly anticipated Dwarf and Warborn races, new adventure zones, new NPC community centers, and new residential housing zones, and fresh start servers, etc.


Players will be able to build stronger neighborhoods with the Community Center system and take progression to the next level with Abyssal Skills, as Merk “Khrolan” Lee Kwai, ArcheAge’s Senior Producer mentions. Its worth mentioning that the Loyalty Store will be revamped at the release of 3.0 for Legacy servers. Last but not least, the fresh start server that first came in last year will get some improvements.


The producer’s letter is quite lengthy and you can read all its details on the ArcheAge site. ArcheAge: Revelation will be released in North America and Europe on December 10th, 2016.



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