Ark Park Exclusive Preview – Snail Games’ Jurassic World in VR

Days ago we reported that Snail Games to publish Ark: Survival Evolved in China. Today Snail Games extended the cooperation with Wildcard by unveiling a brand new VR game called Ark Park, which allows players to roam around the Jurassic themepark and interact with different dinosaurs.

You can feed dinosaurs from Ark: Survival Evolved

Licensed by Studio Wildcard, Ark Park is developed by Snail Games themeselves. The game is apparently based on Ark: Survival Evolved and it features various dinosaurs in that sandbox survival game. Instead of hunting dinosaurs, players can expect to interact with more than 100 dinosaurs in Jurassic Period and other creatures in their natural habits. Regardless of what they look like in Ark: Survival Evolved, all creatures in Ark Park is not hostile and they won’t attack you. You can interact with them by feeding them and throwing food to them.


The game is non-linear

What’s more, Players will be able to explore and approach every single detail in the virtual space at their own pace instead of taking a linear tour. Every area in the park has unique environment and hidden contents waiting to be discovered. In terms of control, you will use the controller to teleport from spot to spot to move. Last but not least, the game has weather system and day/night cycle.

The game world will greatly expand in the future

At launch, Ark Park’s world can’t be comparable to that of Ark: Survival Evolved. However, the game will add new areas in the future and greatly expand the game world, just like the 2015 Hollywood film Jurassic World, Snail Games told us. Ark Park will become a huge world set on an island and has multiple open world areas for players to explore.


Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Ark Park will provide players a visual feast that’s on the same level to games like Dark and Light. Players will be able to experience a visceral gameplay, the thrill of seeing dinosaurs up-close like they are actually there.

Snail Games hasn’t announced anything regarding which VR platforms the game will support, and they haven’t decided the business model either. While asked about whether Ark Park will feature cross-play or certain connection with Ark: Survival Evolved, Snail Games said they were considering about it but they didn’t have any detail to share at the moment.

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