Astrologian FFXIV storyline – Ishgard vs Sharlayan

As we all know, there are Astrologian NPCs already in-game in Coerthas, and it’s been confirmed that the playable Job’s origins are from Sharlayan and the differences in the two spellings have been pointed out, and so forth.

But the latest letter from the producer confirmed that the job quests for all three of the new Heavensward jobs will be based in the new Ishgard hub, which raises some questions as to what the storylines will be like.

Personally, I’m really hoping that the AST storyline will go into detail about the philosophical differences between how the two city-states view astrology – for example, it might be that Ishgard uses it in a primarily tactical manner for military operations (similar to SCHs) while the ancient Sharalayans saw it as more of a psychic divining tool that could be used for all matter of predictions including psychological balance and gaining insight into the nature of the Twelve.

Obviously we don’t know how the storylines will unfold at this point, but one of the things I really liked about both ACN and NIN’s storylines was that even though they started out working in Limsa, ultimately they were revealed to be far deeper and much more “on their own side” in the end.

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