Battlefield 1: this time in hardcore and it absolutely ruined it

they changed the over all damage model so now at basically softcore ranges people can shrug off a sniper shot or a medic rifle takes 3 at distance. i can not begin to describe how irritating this is. i understand that some people will tell me that there’s the line of sight game mode but 1 no one is ever on for east coast servers, and 2 after a while it would get boring. hardcore was great before the patch, yes there was a lot more snipers than normal mode but that is how hardcore has always been. we veteran hardcore players know that from the get go. but now because new players or softcore players want to try out hardcore and then whine cause they get their butts handed to them by a good sniper we now have to dumb down the one good mode for us guys that like a challenge to cater to the masses that don’t have a clue. when i started playing hardcore, i didn’t whine about the snipers, i dealt with and put on my big boy pants. i even learned how to snipe and became very good at it, no i’m not bragging but my point is a skill was developed out of necessity.

if a sniper kept killing me i can go grab my rifle and deal with him, rather than sit there with my thumb up my butt crying to the devs to change it so i can take shots and walk away. i always here that those of us snipers that we’re bad at the game or that sniping is so easy etc. please if its so easy then pick up a rifle and show me, do what we do dropping targets at 200-300 meters in a full sprint. and some will say that’s not helping! news flash flag humpers my sniping is keeping them at bay and defending the flags that you took or clearing them off from a distance so you can move in. teamwork isn’t everyone running like a chicken with their head cut off from pole to pole all the while being butt to butt. its called tactics if i wanted to mindlessly run around spraying and praying i’d pick up cod and have myself a good old fashioned experience of a bad time.

No i will agree that there are some bad snipers, those that no matter how hard they try cant hit anything, or those sitting off near points that the enemy cant get to through out the game yeah those are bad. but if hes within general distance say 150-250 just know that the people hes killing are less people you have to deal with on the point. yes sniping is a bit easier in this game but don’t ruin it for the rest of us just cause you cant handle it. if you need a change try a different game mode or go back to softcore. so far most of us veterans of the franchise are getting sick of DICE dumbing down the game to cater to people who cant be bothered to learn the game. if there’s a sniper get your head down, so many times i see my squad that i’m about to spawn on go under fire, i get it i happens but move away from there. when i get under fire if i can move after taking cover i do, but often times people just sit there thinking it’ll just go away.

In any event i’d like to see the hardcore damage model go back to where it was and for the devs to stop dumming down the franchise and ruining the experience for us veterans. i know not everyone wants to learn and they want to get into a game and play and have fun, i did to when i started out. but don’t expect to be spoon fed kills and how to play, or require certain settings that require more work from us skilled players because you want to be at the top of the board or something as a level 1.

If you want that earn it, don’t ask for the devs to create easy ways for you. in all the titles of battlefield I’ve played (excluding hardline) this is the one battlefield game that after only a couple hundred hours of playing i don’t feel the urge to come back and play it like i did BF4. i don’t feel like i’m utilizing a set of skills, I’ve unlocked everything except vehicles which isn’t my mainstay i play more infantry, and everything seems routine. now that the one game mode that kept me in the franchise back when i started is being hit by the mind numbingness of appealing to the masses i may only play off and on or when dlc comes out. there isnt a lot calling me to this game i like it a lot but it needs a lot more to really be a Battlefield game.

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