Black Desert Online: Dark Elf & Kamisilvia Region Preview

Japanese media Game Watch has released some new information regarding Black Desert Online the new Dark Elf race and their homeworld Kamisilvia region.

The Dark Elf is an agile race and the female Dark Elf in the concept below wields a large sword. According to report she can also use dark magic to damage the enemy from a distance. With a smart combination of the physical and magic abilities, players can do some interesting and powerful combos.

The Dark Elf and Kamisilvia stories will split into 3 different parts. The Kamasilvia region is mostly covered by forests and jungles.

The stories revolve around the on-going conflict between 2 Elven races “Ganeru” and “Vediru”. The 3 parts of stories will gradually unveil each of the 2 races to you as you.

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