Black Desert: The Last 2 Classes Witch and Wizard Awaken in the West

The awakening process continues on the Western servers of Black Desert. Witch and Wizard will receive the awakening update today, after a five hours maintenance. The awakened Witch uses plenty of lightning and earth-based magic in order to impose herself on the battlefield. You can see her in action in the gameplay video bellow.

Meanwhile, the awakened Wizard wields Water and Fire elemental orbs which unleash devastating magic and deal AOE damage. Wizard can be played as a support class as well. Watch the young magician in action in the video bellow.

To celebrate the successful awakening of all BDO classes, Kakao Games will held an in-game event. An event for the returning players along with some Christmas Discount sales will become available once the maintenance is over. The entire list of patch notes that includes the improvements and new features will become available on the forum once the maintenance is over.

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