Black Desert’s NA/EU Megaservers Goes Live & New Boosted Servers Are Available

Black Desert is back live and running with its “New World”. Kakao Games estimated that it will need 13 hours of maintenance to implement the New World, and offer two megaservers for its Western BDO players. Unfortunatelly, Kakao was forced to extend the maintenance time with 3 more hours. What’s worse, players were complaining about file corruption, stalled downloads while instaling the patch, and character slot closed issues. Kakao Games was able to find solutions to each of these issues and offered support to those affected.


As we previously mentioned, players were encouraged to choose their Home Server before the “New World” maintenance, as their decision will affect some of the game’s features.

Today, the publisher will open the Olvia Servers, which are designed to welcome new and returning players with a 200% EXP on characters over level 30. Apparently, these seem to be safe servers with no access to bosses, no horse races, no siege or node wars, or the Red Battlefield.

Last but not least, the New World Celebration Discount Event starts with all kind of goodies that you might need after a server merge.

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