Blade & Soul – Combat Basics

yes classes have they’re own advantages, but some have disadvantages and others don’t. Assassin for example. pure domination without any disadvantage. it simply wrecks havoc in the game. want to be top pvp’er? make an Assassin. you have more chances to be top than if you make a mid tier class like KFM. even when you master KFM it’s not not that big deal, cause it’s forever mid tier class, and in 3.0 it got the worst skill updates and lost 3 cc skills, and the new skill it got(Searing Kick) is pathetic, and it’s not used in pvp cause you can’t ani-cancel it(it replaces kaiten kick, and since you can’t ani-cancel, people don’t use it). in Koran 1v1 tournaments KFM goes very bad. yes, you can dominate scrubs/noobs/mediocre players if you master the class, but when you meet a skilled Assassin, Warlock, BD, BM, that are top tier and OP classes, your chances for victory are veeery low. Blade Master is not balanced, but OP as fuck with recent 2 skill updates(2.5, 3.0), and it’s top tier now. Blade Dancer the same. Kung Fu Master should be the number 1 OP class to justify that it’s the hardest class to master
We discuss the combat of Blade & Soul, and show off various personal and group combos.

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