Bless Online : NA – EU Publisher Update Shows its Work

Aeria Games, the German publisher responsible for bringing Bless Online to the western territories, offers new details about its current work after a long pause. After Aeria Games merged with Gamigo AG (at the end of May), the German team was able to play the game on the test serves and analyze the game’s mechanics. Also, during this time, representatives of the German publisher have been to Korea in order to speak with the Neowiz Bless Studio about the “milestone planing for Bless”.

Another meeting with the Korean developer will take place during Gamescom 2016 (17-21 August) and will probably lead to a rough release date for NA & EU. Meanwhile, the localization team is currently working on the Korean to English translation and the IT team is working on establishing the server specs for launch. Bless Online is scheduled to launch in North America and Europe in 2017.

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