Bless Online: the best crafting system I have ever experienced

It was difficult to do, it required an insane amount of materials and only the Dwarf race could do it.

Higher level crafting became more and more difficult and dangerous because you could potentially fail the attempt to craft the item. (Having a chance to fail is added excitement to crafting that you just don’t get in a game like WOW)

All items in that game could be recycled into new items instead of forcing the player to sell a GAZILLION leather chin straps on the auction house or waste the materials by selling it to an NPC vendor.

Now I think I need to start a new thread … “Should the best weapons and armor be the result of crafting, questing or Raid Bosses?”
It was a grind intensive system that made for really good stories about the time you spent collecting the materials for your craft and that appealed to me greatly.

Bless Online: the best crafting system I have ever experienced

Lastly, because only a single race / class was able to craft alleviated the need for the PVP type classes to have to craft at all and encouraged a wider variety of parties.
This system was by no means perfect .. Lineage 2 died horribly due to bots, gold selling and eventually Free to Play WOWification.

But for the masochistic grinder who wanted to feel like the items he or she created had real value … there was nothing better.

Well, I strongly believe Bless needs to follow ESO’s approach to crafting. Cause their focus seems to be on player exploration and lore. With that being said, I believe a player should be somewhat “forced” to go and explore the world for their advancement of their chosen profession. ESO’s approach was, there is no “recipe” in game for crafting. However, while there aren’t any recipes in the game, players have multiple avenues to combine ingredients and make the same item. I think this is the best way for such an open world such as Bless, which player exploration seems to be somewhat a focused characteristic.

As for the question of whether “BiS” items should come from crafting, I strongly disagree with the notion. Having “BiS” items come from crafting could cause a massive flood of “BiS” items in the player market. Unless, they decide to put some sort of “limit or consequence”.

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