Chronicles of Elyria Update Demo

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Chronicles of Elyria offers up the most dynamic and immersive game experience to date. In Chronicles of Elyria, your character grows old, ages, and dies, so you must think beyond their lifespan, and decide how their role will impact the world at large. Enter the world as a member of a player-run family and blaze your way in the world, becoming a landed lord and managing your kingdom as a strategy game, or, for the more action-oriented, seek fortune and glory as an adventurer!

A few days ago, there are some update on Chronicles of Elyria. Here we give some of it. This can provided you some guid.

Production Update

They are still assembling all the things for the PAX East demo. In service to this endeavor are many little things that add up to a lot. There will be combat and we’re adding in a bunch of combat improvements…

A bunch of animations for various drawing and sheathing


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