sgamet – compLexity win the Americas qualifier for ESL One Frankfurt 2016

picture from swindlezz’ Twitter.

Following the trend of their recent encounters, compLexity proved too strong for Shazam, and claimed their place at ESL One in Frankfurt later this year.

Shazam and compLexity found themselves facing each other once more in the finals of the Americas qualifier of ESL One Frankfurt 2016. Their recent meetings have been tense and hotly-contested, all ending in victory for compLexity, and this series was no different.

The first game of the series was arguably the closest of them all. Both teams picked line-ups designed to group up and fight early on. The gold and experience advantage swung between the teams multiple times, with the winner of each major teamfight securing the lead for the next few minutes, with never a differential of more than 7500 gold between them. After over an hour of play, compLexity managed to string a number of fights together, breaking Shazam’s back and allowing compLexity to take game one soon afterwards.

The remainder of the series was an exhibition of dominant play. In each game, one team executed their particular strategy significantly better than their opponent, with game two seeing compLexity demonstrate the power of Faceless Void and Phantom Lancer in the current metagame.

In game three, Shazam showed that they can execute a powerful splitpush, before the final match saw compLexity get in Shazam’s face with an Axe for Linus ‘Limmp’ Blomdin and a Slardar for Kyle ‘swindlezz’ Freedman. Shazam looked off-balance for almost the entire game, and with this final victory, compLexity secured their place at ESL One Frankfurt 2016.

compLexity have now won their last four encounters with Shazam. Qualifying for ESL One Frankfurt 2016 is a strong stepping stone for the squad, but at ESL One, they will test their skills against some of the top teams in Dota. If they manage to perform like they did against Shazam, they could make a deep run in the tournament with their active, exciting style of play.

Headline image: ticket image from ESL website.

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