Crowfall House Parading Showcases

MMORPGs these days like to give players lots of customization options. If you want a house in an MMORPG you can probably buy one and decorate it with tons of stuff. Crowfall players can now purchase houses for themselves if they want to and we even have a video that showcases three awesome houses: the Cottage, a rather small house that can be a cozy home for one player, the Villa, which has a bigger first and second floors, and the huge Manor, which is probably suited for players who want to organise big parties with loads of friends.

First, let’s talk about the Cottage. Do you want a small, cozy little house to call your own? Then you should buy the Cottage. It’s the best house for MMORPG players that like things simple and effective, as it’s just big enough to decorate and make it feel like a lovely little home.

Now, the second house is the Villa, which is quite larger when compared to the Cottage. This one is best suited for players that like to show off a bit. It has a lot of space that can be decorated with all sorts of things, but it isn’t so big that it leaves the impression it’s just a big empty space. It’s the perfect term between the Cottage and the Manor.

Lastly, we have the Manor, a huge house meant for players that really like their homes grand and vast. You can probably fit around 50 or more players in the Manor and it would still seem half-empty. If you want the biggest house around, this one will be perfect for you.

Crowfall players can get each of these houses for 20% their original prices. However, this sale will only be available until February 28, so make sure to make the purchase before the deadline.

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