Dark and Light Unveils Fascinating Creatures, All of Them Can be Tamed!

Do you remember the Goblin we reported before? Don’t look down upon the small monster, you may get robbed by them if you piss them off. Today, Snail Games revealed more details about the fascinating creatures in Dark and Light.

Inhabiting in caves, the powerful Cyclopses occasionally go outside to hunt human beings. Therefore, they accumulate a large amount of wealth in their cave. Players are able to explore their habitat to find the treasure. Of course, theses intelligent monsters are tameable. You can sign a contract with them to make them work for you. For example, magic Goblins can sever as guards to look after your houses. After signing a contract with Centaur, players can loot Centaur’s habitat freely.

Mythological creatures also make an appearance in DnL. Each starter city will have an unique protecter. With amazing healing ability, Pegasus is able to restore HP quickly during faction battles. With high DPS, White Griffin is able to do damage to both air and ground units. Only the leaders of the 3 starter cities can control them.

Apart from being the leader of the starter city, players can also tame elite monsters in wild and make them evolve into mythological animals. For example, Hydra is a multiplayer mount that can be tamed; Draco Colchi’s flame can destroy everything in the world. By the way, the elite monsters cannot evolve into mythological creatures if they have low HP while being captured. The mythological creatures can produce a special crystal which can be used for weapon enchantments.

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