Early Examine New Followers in Battle for Azeroth

The recent Battle for Azeroth develop added a mission table, and even though no missions are currently readily available, We’ve determined an early round of new Alliance followers.

Thaelin Darkanvil is often a Dark Iron dwarf present for the duration of The Garrison Campaign in Warlords of Draenor.
Kelsey Steelspark is the Rogue Order Hall Quartermaster.
Special Ability: Gifted Technician.

Bodrick Grey is really a member of SI:7 that was a most important Alliance Garrison Questgiver in Warlords of Draenor.
Specific Capability: Master Infiltrator

Combat Specialist
John J. Keeshan is actually a major character in Redridge Mountains, fighting the Blackrock Orcs plus the dragon Darkblaze. He later aids defeat the Dark Horde in Burning Steppes.
Unique Ability: Combat Specialist

Faction Troops
Ironforge Mountaineers, classified as a Mountaineer, represent the Dwarves and Mountain Guide increases good results within the mountains.
Covert Ops Technicians, classified as a Technician, represent the Gnomes and Ultrasafe Transporter reduces mission duration.
Darnassian Sentinels, classified as a Sentinel, represent the Evening Elves and Night Vision assists with evening missions.
SI:7 Operatives, classified as Operative, represent the Humans and Stealth increases success on stealth missions.
Rangari Scouts, classified as Scout, represent the Draenei and Gift in the Naaru restores combat readiness among party members.
Bloodfang Stalkers, classified as Stalker, represent the Worgen and come with the particular skills For the Alliance! and Two Types.

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