Elder Scrolls Online: The new in Morrowind

The Elder Scrolls Online is set in the continent of Tamriel and features a storyline indirectly connected with the other games. There are more than ten different races and four different varieties of humans to choose. With the development of technology, ESO becomes better and get more good reviews from players.

In the recently, there are something different in ESO Morrowind Gameplay Trailer. To be as a new ability in the Warden’s Animal Companions line. Do you find it?

Its weird to see these types of skills in a mmo. A pet line that doesnt have a persistent pet. I know they are essentially magic spells that look like pets.. Still. I hope they implement pet skins on the future. Unlocked by completing certain prerequisites that way sorcs creatures can look a little different and maybe even for the wardens. Or just implement some more options for the pets …

Please make selected surfaces dueling areas in housing. No AOEs or ground attacks, solar prison, etc, work unless it is on the pre-established ground of the house. Many of us are building special fighting areas….arenas, and mine is only 2 platforms wide above a labyrinth, so if you fall…

To everybody and anyone who has not played Elder Scrolls Online, if you have not played believe me when I tell you that after homestead the game is now what our expectations were for this title. Everything that I expected from The Elder Scrolls Online upon purchase is what it is. Of course there is always room to expand but as far as game play is concern with homestead now integrated into the game this is The Elder Scrolls Online.

Also The ability to unsummon them again. I like that we can activate an ability for them but other than that we don’t have control and they can become a liability in dungeons

What I like from the sorcerer is he can’t cast fire power. Neither ice power. Can’t even cast a fire elemental. Can’t cast invisibility. Can’t unlock anything by casting spells lol.

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