Enjoy Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen View

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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is an upcoming high fantasy MMORPG that emphasizes cooperative play in an open world. Create a distinct character and traverse harsh environments, uncovering powerful magic and piecing together the world’s mysteries. You will be attract by the beautiful view of the game.

Amazing sunsets, beautiful lakes and picturesque landscapes are just some of the views that are common in Pantheon. These are breathtaking your art team know their stuff and are top notch. For me I love a good nighttime sky with amazing stars and constellation. The nighttime sky should tell a story.

Old everfrost how it flowed so well out from newbie area to harder mobs, and you had a nice mix of different race mobs setting up in different areas. Then it flowed nicely into Blackburrow and Permafrost Keep. Was just really well done for exploration/adventuring.

That would be cool having a zone where you can see the whole path ahead of you from some vantage point. Like the beginning of the Lord of the rings…looking out at the volcano marked in the distance.

Someone is drawn to dark, dreary places for adventuring. Like the unknown and that lump or whatever you get in your stomach when you are kind of scared of a place but ya dont quite no why. That is strange but normal for everyone.

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