EverQuest Next Map – Size, Depth and Regions

Map in EverQuest Next is divided into different regions. All regions of Norrath are located on different landscape and are reach with different resources. For example regions with hills are great for farming mithril ore there.

Right now there is no official EQN map available because the game is not ready yet. So we can only speculate about how it will look like. As you probably know EQN is not a prequel or sequel of previous EQ games. It’s a different game with many changes. This can affect the map. The cities may locate in different places and the landscape may be different.

We assume that the new Map of Norrath will not differ a lot. Guys from EQFans have created a possible layer of Norrath. You can see this picture below.

EverQuest Next Map
EverQuest Next Map

As you know EverQuest Next is an MMO game and every MMO should have enough in-game space for playing. Many game fans ask about the size of the map in EQN and right now there is no exact information about it. But in one of SOE Live Panels dedicated to game world developers were asked a question about the size of the world in EQ Next.

The answer was: the map is large. But there are always technical limits. Developers haven’t reached the limits yet. But anyway the system is scalable and more hardware should allow to raise the limits.

There is one more thing to consider: most MMO games you have previously played had generally been laid out flat. Some of the games allow you to travel in the air. But EverQuest Next is much more complicated. The world is fully destructible and you can dig! This important factor changes the whole gameplay and exploration experience. The map becomes bigger because there is much more place for exploration.

While traditional MMO games of the past have only 2 “dimensions” (ground and air), EQN allows you to explore underground! But that’s not about different static caves and dungeons. You can start digging everywhere and temporary change the landscape.

Moreover, this underground also consists of layers. While you playing on the ground you have the volume beneath and nobody knows what’s hidden there. The only way to find this out is to take a pick and start digging.

Underground world consists of layers and each layer will bring you something new. You may find valuable resources, different hidden caves and treasures. It’s possible to break through walls in dungeons and so on.

Exploring such multilevel world will bring you not only fun. You will be able to get valuable resources for crafting. Digging is the only way to find different types of ore and gems. If you want to know what’s there under that hill you are free to take a pick and start exploring. Maybe you will find a lot of mithril ore you need for crafting new pick, maybe you will find a cave you didn’t know about. Such exploration opportunities make the available map size much bigger.

Such system changes the face of adventuring and exploring. The world is no longer flat and square. The world has volume and it’s much more interesting to explore it. You can change the world together with your friends or on your own. Take your best picks guys! See you in the game!

EverQuest Next

EverQuest Next

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