FFXIV ARR: Live Letter XX Overview & Thoughts (New Job Starting Level, Trailer & More)

I think FF14 is the best MMORPG ever made, but I’m slightly worried that they might be overcomplicating it with the expansion and am a bit worried if it’s still going to be as casual friendly as it is now.
Either way I’m extremely excited about the expansion, the scripts things for crafters and gatherers sounds nice if it really is more catered towards casuals

They’re adding a lot new stuff so here’s hoping it won’t be so complicated it puts some people off, so far I’m very excited about the expansion.

Define casuals friendly? Everything that isn’t the hardest possible battles like T6-T13, as a casual player I’m very happy with the fact that I was able to get a wonderful weapon, Zeta for my warrior and a gorgeous bear mount in the process, plus that there’s always fantastic content for me to play without having to deal with statics and such.

The only thing they changed was crafting classes getting their own tomes, and the gatherers getting buffs to gather secret stuff , the rest is just add more skills and levels.

Ffxiv is extremely casual friendly. It sounds like they’re moving away from that a bit in the expansion though. I still don’t expect there to be much of an upgrade above weekly lockout tomestone gear.

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