FFXIV Insane Gil Guide – 10 Million FFXIV Gil in 1 Day

In this episode I take Master Demimateria farming to the extreme by crafting 200 Spruce Plywood. This allows me to buy 25 Artisan’s Chocobotail Saw’s. Using level 100 Blacksmith Desynthesis I am able to get 31 Master Demimateria, 3 Fieldcraft Demimateria III’s and a couple darksteel nuggets. Currently on Sargatanas Master Demimateria are selling for more than 300,000 gil each, so I managed to create what is equivalent to almost 10 Million Gil worth of items in just a few hours of crafting Spruce Plywood.

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Q: i did the same thing today. all day work, 2 mil investment and all i got was bunch of mats and 3 field mat 3. now im left with 250k gold and lost interest in the game in which developers nerf stuff like this after the fact making rich players richer and chaps like me loose their whole hard earned gil without even a mention in patch notes :/ I dont even want to think of how many milions of gil went on raising now useless desynthesis. should have bought all i need from auction and would still have gil spare

A: You should make felt gear that is item level 45-49 ish and the goldsmith accessories of the same level. They are the cheapest to make, the fastest to spiritbond and anything above item level 45 has a chance of producing rank 4 materias. Generally with a full group you should be able to fully spiritbond a set every 20 minutes or so, though I am sure you can understand people will be concentrating on patch for next days then it will be back to normal. You should be able to get your 2 million investment back quickly doing this, even when starting with 250k remaining. HQ crafted gear spiritbonds 20% faster than NQ, but if you NQ just spiritbond it anyway. Hope that helps.


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