FIFA 16 Stage Demo and Trailer – E3 2015 EA Press Conference

FIFA 16 appears to bring even greater detail, precision, and immersion to the franchise in this exploration of the game from E3 2015.

I think ur right marentes133 because goalkeepers really are annoying and act pretty stupid at time however its not the players fault or the goalkeepers its EA they say they have “acknowledged the situation” then why not fix it. This year EA will lose a lot of money sincr a lot of people won’t be buying FIFA 16. EA fix up. Im a pretty good player my record is 387-12-54. What annoys me is that goalkeepers are every stupid its a exploit in the game not really a glitch more of a bug that needs to be fixed

No one at EA knows anything about football, and it’s been that way for years. Still the players are wide across the pitch, midfield do not close down, 3 players get nowhere near Modric, look at the space Benzema has when he gets the ball. Never mind all the inovation, EA. Why don’t you start for once with the innovation in mind to try and simulate football as it’s played?

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