Forza Horizon 3: a word of advice for ffb

Vibration 11
FFB scale 55
Dor 900 (lower as needed)
FFB understeer 0
FFB min 25
Wheel damper 50
Linearity 50
Center spring 10-20

A word of advice when it comes to ffb, less is more many people like to pump everything up to the max in games but theyre not helping themselves out. Ffb works like a speaker, if you raise the volume too high the bass will always drown out the trebile. You also dont want the wheel to overpower your hands, it wont ever end well.

If you really want to find whats right for you, itll take some time but shut off vibration and then turn understeer ffb, ffb minimum and center spring to 0. Keep ffb around 50 and just drive around either in free roam or better yet pick a track you like with variable terrain.

Individually test understeer ffb, ffb min,center spring and then turn on vibration so you have an idea of what they actually do. You can then see what kind of feedback helps and hurts your particular driving style.

Like i personally dont need understeer ffb because i can see that im not turning and heading for a tree. Id rather keep the ffb more focused and not overwhelmed by multiple effects happening at once. The same goes with vibration for me, it can be jarring sometimes and doesn’t really add anything to the driving experience, more times than not itll just jerk the wheel and slow you down.

Steering linearity should stay at 50 unless theres a deadzone problem with your wheel. Damper smooths out the forces, with a lower number being smoothest but also weakest. Its a personal preference, it wont degrade your performance no matter what you choose. I found 50 to be fine, but if you choose a higher ffb strength you may want to smooth it out a bit.

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