Frostbolt Elementalist – Let beginners love this character


+ Beginner Friendly
+ Budget Friendly
+ Fun and Satisfying to Play
+ Gets Much Stronger with Better Gear

– Not a Great Boss Killer (eventually you may wish to skip bosses unless you figure out a better single target solution)

Witch – Elementalist
1. Shaper of Desolation – This allows for chilling, shocking and igniting
2. Beacon of Ruin – The main feature of the build – Allows all of our Elemental Ailments (Freeze, Chill, Shock and Ignite) to proliferate out to nearby enemies. Also improves the effect of the ailments.
3. Paragon of Calamity – Reflect protection
4. Liege of the Primordial

Bandits: Anything but Oak! You can kill them all for skill points; if you choose to go crit you might want Alira (or you might want the regen and resists); or Attack, Cast and Movespeed from Kaitlyn

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I’m not sure if it has too much life/ES nodes and not enough offense. The two-hybrid clusters clockwise from Witch seem very awkward since they take up 13 skill points but I tried to get as much Life as possible starting as a Witch, then taking cold/else/spell/area damage where I could. I also picked up Dual Curse because why not, and wanted to try Elemental Overload instead of crit. Although I could be persuaded to go crit.
In terms of links, I’m thinking
6L: Ice Nova + Controlled Destruction + Cold Pen + Faster Casting + Spell Echo? + IncAoE/Conc
4L: Herald of Thunder + Curse on Hit + Frostbite + Temp Chains
4L: Frostbolt + Faster Casting + Inc Crit Chance + Faster Proj?
4L: Discipline + Enduring Cry + Vaal Discipline + Inc Duration
3L: Lightning Warp + Reduced Duration + Faster Casting
3L: Flame Golem + Ice Golem + ???
With 2 Frozen Trail jewels, I won’t need GMP for Frostbolts, and I use Inc Crit to hopefully keep Elemental Overload up using them. For curses, Temp Chains seems very popular (and strong), not sure about Frostbite but I don’t know any alternatives; maybe Warlords? Speaking of leech though, this build doesn’t have much of it… I would be relying on life/ES regen/recharge. I don’t know if the leech is necessary but I could be persuaded to put Warlords or a Life Leech gem on something (maybe on frostbolt instead of the faster project?). I also don’t know if mana costs will be an issue, but with a free slot and only 60% reserve I could run Clarity also.

For auras, Herald of Thunder should proc because of Conflux (I could also throw in Vaal Lightning Trap?) giving me free curse on hits without needing to cast anything. I don’t know if Discipline/Vaal Discipline will be worth it as a hybrid in 3.0, I’ll have to see, but I’m not sure what to replace it with.
I’m completely lost when it comes to unique items. I never know if it’s better to go for uniques or rares; a bad habit from Diablo 3 to go for only uniques perhaps. But some uniques that seemed interesting were The Pandemonius, Doedre’s Scorn, and Voidbringer. I could put the HoT+CoH+Dual curse in Scorn and the Frostbolt 4L in Voidbringer.
So yeah; this is probably poorly formatted and is mostly just me typing my train of thought but maybe you exiles could help out with some aspects and actually help me make this viable.

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