GTA V: Higher memory bandwidth and faster gpu and cpu

They just switch it from console’s “30fps half vsync” setting to “full vsync”. Done. With room to add up-res’d PC textures and still room to spare. IT’s not hard, man. The PS4 and PC, aside from a few low level things (that won’t need any changes from main gen to pro gen), is just a config thing. These are basically, after the high and low level hardware related code, these games are the same on PC as they are on console these days, it’s just that PC has settings menu enabled, and console has mandated config. Which can easily be changed. By a monkey. It’s easy. they can choose 60fps with some upgraded effects and selectively upgraded textures (or completely potentially), or they could keep 30fps and update graphics like crazy.

From 1.6ghz to 2.1 and the level of bandwidth increase on the memory alone, those two things can make this game render way better, with heavier assets, because it can swap that much faster and handle pixels and cpu-heavy scaling of how the frame is considered pretty easily.


The gpu is a huge advantage and improvement as well.

“We are coming for the PC userbase!” – that’s a big statement, but nothing new. Remember “ps3 COMPUTER entertainment system”? They’ve been doing this for years, and these things happen slowly.

I don’t blame you for thinking those things, but in reality, this upgrade to the consoles are the beginning of their death throws. Trying to keep up with and compete with PC, which people get smart enough to use instead of consoles more and more.

Look, the question shouldn’t be “worth it?” for a console upgrade, it should be “are f*cking consoles even worth it anymore when we are only idiots to play cross platform games on them anyway?”

I feel sorry for people who play Uncharted on PS4 and buy one just to play it. Consoles are dying. It’s over. Buy a PC. That’s my advice to anyone who wonders if re-buying a console that still isn’t as good as my GTX960 and 3+ ghz i5 4590 is asking.

I do agree with you about the cost, though. In more ways than I already said – indeed, it’s retard move to buy this console. They just need to die. This is from a PC gamer, I admit, but I also have a PS4 and love it – but I would never buy a PS4.5 when all the games that are even worth a system at all are cross platform anyway. Sure, I can play uncharted, god of war new one on PS4, but I can play everything else on PC, and many many games are on PC that are not on either of the main consoles.

You may have been thinking of the days when effects and animations were tied to a framerate – it’s not the case anymore, the framerate is independant these days to any compitent developer like R*. they can change FPS at any time, as long as the system can do it. And PS4Pro can do it – but my PC, last gen and all at 9xx and i5-4 level, still will mop the floor with this “pro-piece of crap” even if I do need a better gpu for 4k, I am close enough to my monitor to be fine with HD1080p, and I am far enough from my giant TV that 1080 is just fine for my PS4. I agree with you.

Watch Dogs2 is the same game on PS4 as it is on PS4Pro. It is just higher textures, higher effects, and 60fps. GTA V can easily be made ot meet that, and sell more copies. It’s simple, trust me.

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