Guardian Tempest, Five Point Strike, Maelstrom

“If melees have no range resistance skills, then it is all GG for melee.” True, not being sarcastic. But in the same way, because FM do not has any melee resistance skill, and melee in this game isn’t entirely melee manual, they have their own auto-targeting opening skills, it resulted in FM being the minority in the top 100 board, that is a fact, here or in KR.

FM air combo setup isn’t as easy as BM & BD.

Many classes can stall time for their skills to reset, its not the first time that I see Assassin play hit and run, Destroyer and Blade Dancer spinning away, literally every melee classes have their own speedy walk to distance themselves from range classes. FM can stall time too, by what? Jumping and backing while RMB them out? How effective it is? Can FM really spam skills while distance themselves away from melees? Are they not afraid of the deflects? Not afraid of the rushing skills? (close gap)

Air combo of melees stall time while attacking in the same time, it gives you the upper hand to execute the following combo. FM’s ice shields, both of them isn’t. It literally immobile the user itself, if this is consider as time stalling for FM, is it not one way of time stalling for the opponent too? Given that opponent can always ready for the next hit as soon as the ice wore off, its not like the opponent is getting CC’d by the ice shield the way air combo did to FM.

The bubble is called Divine Veil, stated above, it does not block melee skills.
Besides, 15% HP Recovery of Guardian Tempest has 36s cooldown, the same as immobilized version of Divine Veil, difference is that Divine Veil heals 10% HP by default.
What does BD famous for recently? Their dual grab, 5% HP Recovery every 30s cooldown. Under the calculation of 1 minute, you really think the HP recovery of BD is not comparable to FMs?

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