Guild Wars 2 April Fools’ Day Update Turns Every Character Into An Imaginary Airplane

We’ve run the gamut on April Fools’ Day jokes through the day, with developers and publishers announcing fake content or updating their games with entertaining additions.

ArenaNet has joined the fray with an extremely amusing and completely pointless update for today, turning everyone into their own little jet. Characters hold their arms out like an airplane while they move, recreating the magic we’ve all experienced before. Sometimes still, if I’m bored enough….

This is nothing other than harmless fun, even if there are a few scrooges among the crowd annoyed at the addition. If you have the post processing turned on high enough, the game also gets a lovely sepia tone and film grain, allowing you to really turn your personal flights into cinematic dramas.

Blizzard Unleashes April Fools Jokes Across Its Titles
The video below by Triple T Gaming, spotted by Kotaku, was together with impressive speed, and might be the most entertaining thing to come out of this update. The song choice is of course on point, and the players really nail it with their timing and formations. Complete, silly fun as a community? In gaming? Why, I barely knew that was still allowed! Enjoy.

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