Guild Wars 2: What You Need to Know Before Living World Season 3 Episode 2

Ring of Fire GW1

In the First Guild Wars game you can visit the Ring of Fire. This chain of volcanic islands is home to the Mursaat and one of the bloodstones. It’s also the location of the Door of Komalie, a gateway to the Realm of Torment where the fallen god Abaddon was imprisoned. You go there at the very end of the Prophecies storyline and ultimately save the world.

Ring of Fire GW2

This will be the first time we’ll be visiting the Ring of Fire in Guild Wars 2. You can see from the map that things have changed a little bit. The geography has been altered because of the rising of Orr. Until now it has been an incredibly unfriendly place to visit with no easy places to set up ports and volcanic activity, there was simply no reason to go there.

Episode 2 Reveal

Just after PAX West Episode 2 was revealed and it told us we would be going back to the Ring of Fire. In the reveal, we learned that the zone is called the Ember Bay and that it is a pretty large map. Ley Line Gliding it seems will once again be quite important for getting around quickly. But we’ll also be getting the next part of the Ancient Magic Mastery called Thermal Propulsion which is said to be similar to Nuhoch wallows. We’ll also see the return of the complex jumping puzzles in the heart of the Mursaat Fortress.

Hearts will be making a return and also be repeatable which is something completely new. No further details have been given on that just yet. We also know that there are pirate Skritt, who you can see in the teaser trailer below.

Teaser Trailer

This week the teaser trailer for the Episode dropped, giving us our first look at Ember Bay as well as giving us a name. Episode 2 will be called Rising Flames. The zone is everything you could hope for in a volcanic island. It has lava, it has devourers, it has fire wurms. Other than Lazarus right at the start, they don’t show anything of the Mursaat and the White Mantle are completely ignored. This trailer was really all about showing off the zone while playing some really epic music.

It looks like this is where all those threads from the previous episode of the living season and the current events start coming together. Will we finally find out what all those anomalies that have been popping up around the world are? Will we get to find out how Logan and Zojja are doing? Is Garm going to be there? There’re so many questions and so many exciting possibilities. Rising Flames lands on September 20th so there is still time to get caught up on the Living World story and the current events if you aren’t already.

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