How do you do the rolling-dodge in this game?

I am missing out in this game by not knowing how to do it and end-up being killed. What do you press to do it? By that, I meant the rolling-dodge similar to Gears of War, parkour, and maybe Bourne. the dodge I am doing is just double or triple-pressing “A” or “Shift” + “A”. I have seen Swordmages do it, and my only question is, how?
I am just gonna use Ravec’s video as an example, and credit to the video goes to him, Ravec

on 0:02 ~ 0:03 or 0:04, you can see him roll similar to Gears of War. The dodging I am doing is different and I don’t know how to do that one. I need to know this for my survival. How do you do it?

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